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Lena Jonsson’s ability to balance a deep knowledge of traditional Swedish folk music with innovative artistic sensibilities, sparkling joy of life and a charisma of a rock-star have made her one Scandinavia’s most visionary musicians. She has created a unique style inspired by traditional Swedish music as well as rock, pop and american old-time and bluegrass traditions. Together with guitarist Erik Ronström and bassist Krydda Sundström they create a virtuosic yet playful trio. In April this year, the Lena Jonsson Trio won Artist of the year at the Swedish Folk awards. Their latest album ”Stories from the Outside” won both a Swedish Grammis and the Manifest prize in 2021 and Album of the year by LIRA Music Magazine and song of the year by Swedish radio. Lena Jonsson Trio released their third album ”Elements” in June 2023.


  • Elements
    Lena Jonsson Trio


    Hedgehog Music, 2023
  • Stories from the Outside
    Lena Jonsson Trio

    Stories from the Outside

    Hedgehog Music, 2020
    Lena Jonsson


    Playing with Music, 2018
  • morsning
  • Sur le chemin
    Duo Jonsson Coudroy

    Sur le Chemin

    Compagnie Takatom, 2017
  • Snowy Side of the Mountain
    The Goodbye Girls

    Snowy Side of the Mountain

  • Allting Rullar

    Allting Rullar

    Subliminal Sounds, 2015
  • Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas
    Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas

    Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas

    Playing with Music, 2015
  • Klingande klenoder

    Klingande Klenoder

    Holmen Music, 2013
  • Funambules
    Duo Jonsson Coudroy


    Bemol Productions, 2011 (DVD)
  • Vind
    Duo Jonsson Coudroy


    Bemol productions, 2011
  • Vågg
    Duo Jonsson Coudroy


    Bemol productions, 2009

Awards and Scholarships

2023Lena Jonsson Trio winner of Artist of the Year at Folk and World Music awards
2021Lena Jonsson Trio wins a Swedish Grammy (Grammis) with the album Stories from the Outside
2021Stories from the Outside wins the Manifest prize
2020Stories from the Outside named Album of the Year by Lira Musikmagasin
2019Bolläs kommuns kulturpris
2019Lena Jonsson Trio nominated for Swedish Grammy (Grammis) with the album Places
2018SKAP’s Folk Musik Price for 2018
2016Nominated Cross-over Project of the Year at Folk and World Music Awards for duo with Brittany Haas
2014Klingande Klenoder nominated Album of the Year at the Folk and worldmusic awards
2013Landstinget Gävleborgs culture scholarship
2011The Jernbergs scholarship
2010Bollnäs kommun’s culture scholarship
2010Bror Hjort Stipendiet
2010Nominated Newcomer of the Year at Folk and World Music awards
2009Represented Sweden in the Nordic Championship in Traditional music
2009Pekkos-Gustafs hederspris

Tour dates


February 2 Lena Jonsson Trio Göteborg Porter Pelle
February 3 Lena Jonsson Trio Fredrikshavn (DK) Maskinhallen
April 5 Lena Jonsson Trio Gävle Gävle konserthus
April 20 Lena Jonsson Trio Arboga Nicolai Kulturhus
April 27–30 Lena Jonsson Trio Shetland Shetland Folk Festival
May 2 Lena Jonsson Trio Glasgow (UK) Websters Theatre
May 3 Lena Jonsson Trio Thropton (UK) The Old Church, Coquetdale Music Trust
May 5 Lena Jonsson Trio London (UK) Aces & Eights
May 7 Lena Jonsson Solo London (UK) Dulwich Folk
May 19 Lena Jonsson Trio Vallsta Gästgivars
May 20 Lena Jonsson Trio Kallmyr Musik i Kallmyr
May 27 Lena Jonsson Trio w/ Väsen! Uppsala Reginateatern
June 3 Lena Jonsson Trio Rimbo Rimbostämman
June 9 Lena Jonsson Trio Ransäter Ransäterstämman
June 11 Lena Jonsson Trio Hammarö
July 7–8 Lena Jonsson Trio Rudolstadt (DE) Rudolstadt-Festival
July 20 Lena Jonsson Trio Lunz am see (AT) Wellenklänge Festival
July 27 Lena Jonsson w/ Johanna Juhola Pontedera (IT) Musicastrada festival
August 3 Lena Jonsson Trio Brännkyrka
August 4 Lena Jonsson Trio Montelago (IT) Montelago Celtic Music Festival
August 7 Lena Jonsson Trio Uppsala Gula Villan
August 9 Lena Jonsson w/ Robin Cochrane Stockholm Etnografiska museet
August 18 Lena Jonsson w/ Johanna Juhola Dublin (IR)
August 20 Folk All-In Band Stockholm Kungsträdgården
August 27 Lena Jonsson w/ Martin Coudroy (UK) Kinnersley Castle
August 20 Lena Jonsson w/ Martin Coudroy London (UK) The Harrison
September 16 Rockport Celtic Music Festival (US) Shalin Liu Performance center
September 17 Rockport Celtic Music Festival (US) Shalin Liu Performance center
September 20 Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas Cambridge, MA (US) clubpassim
September 21 Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas New York (US) Private event
September 22 Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas Northampton, MA (US) parlorroommusic
September 23 Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas Hiram, ME (US) appleacresfarm
September 24 Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas Killingworth, CT (US) Tunes and Trails
September 25 Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas New York City (US) house concert, tickets
September 26 Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas DC (US) house concert/dance
October 20 Lena Jonsson Trio Kristinehamn Mastmagasinet
November 3 Koralkonsert with Johanna Bölja Hudiksvall Jacobs kyrka
November 10 Dypfølt kvintet Stevns, DK Traktørstedet, Højeruplund
November 11 Dypfølt kvintet Aarhus, DK Skt. Lukas Kirke
November 12 Dypfølt kvintet Lemvig, DK Tuskær Kunst & Kulturscenter
November 16 Dypfølt kvintet Herfølge, DK Lillesyd
November 17 Dypfølt kvintet Svendborg, DK Vor frue Kirke
November 18 Dypfølt kvintet Copenhagen, DK Musikhuset
November 21 Sounds of Emotions Linköping Saab Arena
November 22 Sounds of Emotions Leksand Tegera Arena
November 23 Sounds of Emotions Örnsköldsvik Hägglunds Arena
November 24 Sounds of Emotions Luleå Coop Norrbotten Arena
November 25 Sounds of Emotions Gävle Monitor ERP Arena
November 26 Sounds of Emotions Jönköping Husqvarna Garden
November 30 Lena Jonsson & Robin Cochrane Östersund Klubb SAM
December 14 Lena Jonsson, Josefine Peters, Arvid Svenungsson Ljusdal Röda Kvarn


January 13-14 Johanna Juhola & Lena Jonsson Folklandia Folk music cruise
January 16 Johanna Juhola & Lena Jonsson Mynämäki Finland
January 17 Johanna Juhola & Lena Jonsson Riihimäki Vihreä talo
January 18 Johanna Juhola & Lena Jonsson Tampere Telakka
January 19 Johanna Juhola & Lena Jonsson Naantali Kristoffer-Sali
January 20 Johanna Juhola & Lena Jonsson Helsinki Roasberg
March 1 Lena Jonsson & Robin Cochrane Stallet Stockholm
March 14 Lena Jonsson Trio Club Passim Cambridge, MA
March 15 Lena Jonsson Trio The Ashokan Center Olivebridge, NY
March 16 Lena Jonsson Trio SAC Park Shrewsbury, MA
March 16 Lena Jonsson Trio Shalin Liu Performance center Rockport, MA
March 17 Lena Jonsson Trio Chandler center for the arts Randolph, VT
March 20 Lena Jonsson Trio The Word Barn Exeter, NH
March 21 Lena Jonsson Trio Cabot arts Cabot, VT
March 22 Lena Jonsson Trio Town Hall Theatre Middlebury, VT
March 23 Lena Jonsson Trio The Parlor Room Northampton, MA
March 24 Lena Jonsson Trio Caffe Lena Saratoga Springs, NY
March 25 Lena Jonsson Trio Fort Hunter Barn Harrisburg, PA
March 27 Lena Jonsson Trio The Swedish Embassy Washington D.C
March 28 Lena Jonsson Trio Savannah Music Festival Savannah, GA


Stories from the Outside (2020)

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Reviews of ”ELEMENTS”

I've mentioned a lot of songs here, but could really name all twelve. Every single one is strong and the variety is great, making Elements a really good album..

— Lira musikmagasin #4 2023 Read more

Strong. WOW!

— Folker Magazin #4 2023 Read more


Tänk vilken gåva att få leva i en tid med så remarkabelt skickliga, egensinniga och uppfinningsrika spelmän som Lena Jonsson.

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Reviews of ”PLACES”

What a delight this CD is. ... Lena and her co-musicians on this CD ... make up a closely knitted trio and the addition of at least 11 superb supporting musicians ... make this one of the best crafted ‘new traditions’ compilations I’ve heard for a long time.

— The Living Tradition, June/July 2018 Read more

Within ten seconds of playing the first track on this album, I found myself whisked away to another place. ... I love the balance between virtuosity and musicality on this album. Jonsson can play, there is no doubt about that, but she never attempts to outshine the tune itself or the players around her.

— Folk Radio 16 April, 2018 Read more

If you are already a fan of Lena Jonsson, you will be expecting an exciting mix of contemporary and traditional fiddle, American oldtime and Swedish dance music, folk rock and rockabilly funk: so this album won’t hold many surprises. If you are new to Jonsson’s music, welcome to a world of fine fiddling from both sides of the Atlantic.

— FolkWorld #65 Read more

Som fiolist är Lena Jonsson svårslagen. Hon svingar stråken som ett trollspö.

— Lira musikmagasin Read more

Lena Jonsson har en skön öppenhet i kompositionerna och en tilltalande lekfullhet i sitt sätt att spela. ... Hon låter melodin tala till lyssnaren utan att försöka tränga sig på. Hon säger här är jag, så här spelar jag, lyssna om du vill. Och man vill. Och vill en gång till. Och en till...

— Dala-demokraten 2018-05-02 Read more